DBFZ annual conference discusses the "Green Deal" and provides insights into the state of energy and integrated material biomass research

Bioenergy and the bioeconomy are integral components of a successful energy and economic transition. However, suitable political framework conditions at national and European level are essential prerequisites for the transition to a renewable energy supply and circular economy. The annual conference of the DBFZ will focus on the European "GreenDeal" and at the same time provide an overview of the status of national bioenergy research. After a two-year break from Corona, the annual conference will be held for the first time again as a face-to-face event at the DBFZ in Leipzig from 21-23 June 2022. Participants who are unable to attend the conference will have the opportunity to follow the lectures via livestream.

Everyone is talking about the European "Green Deal", but how can it become reality? What exciting ideas can practitioners build on to create sustainable innovations and how can policy support this? This year's annual conference of the DBFZ is themed "Green Deal & beyond - The contribution of biomass-based research and innovation" and aims to provide an overview of the current state of bioenergy research through a wide range of topics.

In a keynote speech, Dr. Maria Georgiadou (EU Commission, DG Research & Innovation) will first give an overview of the topic "Bioenergy in the European Green Deal and the RePowerEU", Prof. Dr. Christina Dornack (TU Dresden) will then focus in her introductory lecture on the question of how the recycling of biogenic residues can support climate and resource protection. In addition to a panel discussion with speakers from politics (EU, federal and state ministries) as well as research and industry, various aspects of bioenergy will be addressed in a total of five sessions. In addition to a pitch & matchmaking session, the conference will be rounded off by a poster exhibition, visitor tours of the DBFZ's numerous research facilities and a networking evening.

The DBFZ's annual conference is aimed equally at researchers on the topics of bioenergy and the bioeconomy, decision-makers from the agricultural, energy and environmental sectors, experts from regionally and nationally based companies as well as associations and societies in the energy sector. The event is bilingual, lectures and poster presentations will be simultaneously translated into German and English.

Programme overview:

  • Keynotes
  • Panel discussion with speakers from politics, research and industry
  • Session 1 "Ecosystem services through bioenergy?
  • Session 2 "Value production and pollutant reduction coupled".  
  • Session 3 "Secure and interconnected electricity and heat supply through integrated and smart bioenergy".
  • Session 4 "The role of biomass for a sustainable circular economy".
  • Session 5 "Sustainable mobility - the role of renewables in reducing GHG emissions".
  • Best Poster Award" & "Best Pitch Award" ceremony

The event in summary:

DBFZ Annual Conference 2022
Date:21.-23. June 2022
Title:"Green Deal & beyond - The contribution of biomass-based research and innovation“
Language:German with simultaneous English translation
Conference fee:65,- Euro (One-day ticket) / 175,- Euro (3-day ticket)


Further information and registration: www.bioenergiekonferenz.de

Smart Bioenergy – innovations for a sustainable future

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