Spin-offs at the DBFZ

The DBFZ supports the exploitation of research results in spin-offs by scientific staff. The newly established companies serve the implementation of new products and the production of marketable products. In addition, spin-offs open up alternative career paths in the direct vicinity of the DBFZ for the employees, who are often hired on a temporary and project-related basis. 

A separate incubator offers premises as well as further consulting and support services in cooperation with other partners supporting start-ups. The DBFZ welcomes start-up ideas from employees, especially for complementary services. The "Guidelines for Cooperation between the DBFZ and Spin-off and Newly Founded Employee Enterprises" create a framework for safe and transparent cooperation. 

enaDyne GmbH

Transport is one of the sectors in which efforts to reduce greenhouse gases must be greatly improved in order to achieve climate targets. In addition to the shift from road and air to rail, overall reduction of transport miles, and electrification, alternative fuels play an important part here.

The process developed by the company enaDyne uses renewable electricity from wind or solar power. The special feature here is that CO2 and a hydrogen source are converted into fuel or platform chemicals in a special plasma reactor without a "diversion" via a syngas, i.e. in a single step. The company founder and former DBFZ employee was already able to use central IP in the pre-founding phase by taking out licences for further development as well as finding investors.

The enaDyne team now comprises five people, including two DBFZ alumni.

Further information: enadyne.de/en/

ETE EmTechEngineering GmbH

ETE EmTechEngineering GmbH is the first spin-off of the German Biomass Research Centre. It was founded by Ingo Hartmann, Frank Hoferecht and René Bindig. ETE EmTechEngineering GmbH is the technical contact for air pollution control. The company is active in two main areas. On the one hand, this concerns the reduction of emissions from small combustion plants. In this context, ETE offers consulting and engineering services for manufacturers of small combustion plants and combustion plant operators in order, for example, to develop solutions for compliance with stricter emission limits. On the other hand, this concerns the reduction of pollutants from ambient air. In this context, the company is working on the development of a fine dust filter for ambient air. ETE is a member of the Energy and Environment Cluster of the City of Leipzig, the Neu e.V. and the Innovation Centre for Bioenergy. ETE also maintains contacts with national and international partners.

Further information: www.ete-ing.de

PIC - Pi Innovation Culture GmbH

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular face the challenge of being able to channel limited resources and capacities into systematic innovation processes. Targeted innovations and their successful placement on the market are the decisive prerequisites for the long-term success of a company. For this purpose, companies are required to continuously renew their product portfolio, their services and to develop new processes, procedures and services in order to conquer future markets, win new customers and increase their turnover. The systematic integration of relevant key partners and the latest knowledge & know-how, the picking up of impulses and lateral thinking thus ensure competitiveness and long-term success. Subsidies and innovations are the core competencies of the DBFZ spin-off PIC - Pi Innovation Culture GmbH. The company brings ideas to the market, advises on the orientation of the innovation strategy, concrete R&D processes and supports the application for suitable funding.

Further information: https://pi-culture.de/