Press releases 2021


Position paper: DBFZ experts see no advantages for converting coal-fired power plants to biomass

With the move away from fossil fuels, operators of coal-fired power plants are looking for new business models. In particular, the use of biomass is being discussed. In a position paper now published by the DBFZ, the possible use of biomass in coal-fired power plants is examined with regard to the benefits for the energy system, the availability of suitable biomass potential and sustainability effects. The experts' conclusion: Not least because of the risks to the climate and biodiversity, no state support for the conversion of coal-fired power plants should be provided. read more


DBFZ and ATNA have started their cooperation for further development of a new briquetting technology

Based on a cooperation agreement between DBFZ and the briquetting plant manufacturer ATNA Solutions, representatives of both institutions as well as investors met at DBFZ on May 6, 2021. The aim of the planned cooperation is the establishment of a scientific cluster to solve existing challenges in densification of challenging biogenic materials in several steps. Read more


DBFZ presents exensively expanded online database on biogenic raw materials

Systematically prepared and easily accessible research data can provide an essential basis for decision-making for a wide range of stakeholders from politics, science and industry. The resource database developed by the DBFZ, which contains a wealth of information on various biomass potentials and their current use, has been extensively expanded and is now also available in two languages (DE/EN) with a variety of new functionalities. The new information service has already been used by the German Waste Management Association (DGAW), among others, and can be accessed free of charge at the portal address Read more