Press releases 2018


Double victory in the US wood combustion competition: Team Wittus won two titles for the zero-emission stove with the "E-Stove" model

Double success for Team Wittus with DBFZ participation: in the biennial US wood combustion competition for the cleanest wood stoves, the team involving Dr. Ingo Hartmann of DBFZ won again the "Wood Stove Design Challenge" in Washington, D.C. after winning in 2016. In addition to the first prize for automated wood firing systems, the E-Stove also scored in the new thermoelectric category this year. read more

Innovation partnership: Consortium researches biochemical conversion of municipal waste in Greater Paris area

The processing of municipal organic waste in conurbations presents municipalities with major challenges. In a consortium led by the Franco-German consulting and service company Tilia and involving the DBFZ, a system for the co-methanisation of organic waste and sewage sludge is to be developed in the greater Paris area. The overriding goal is to increase the conversion of organic carbon into methane as an energy source, to achieve the most positive overall energy balance possible and to minimise the by-products produced. read more