Knowlegde transfer

In addition to the Leipzig Expert talks series (biogas, biofuels, solid biomass), the DBFZ also offers the organisation of expert conferences in the field of knowledge transfer on specific focal topics (e.g. hydrothermal processes, process measurement technology of biogas plants, dust separators in domestic furnaces).

In addition, numerous publications (final reports, dissertations, guidelines, handbooks, conference proceedings and reports) provide an extensive portfolio of scientific reports which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. 

A wide variety of cooperation projects at home and abroad also ensure the continuous transfer of knowledge in the form of workshops, guidelines and staff training.

Overview of the services

  • Organisation and implementation of specialist events (technical discussions, specialist conferences, workshops)
  • Coordination of innovation processes
  • Preparation of guidelines and manuals
  • Development and creation of web-based information platforms and open-source portals
  • Continuing education (Summer School)


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