Market analyses and data provision

Bioenergy continues to play a key role in the replacement of fossil fuels. Accordingly, the trend in recent years is being sustained, and both region­al and international usage channels are being expanded further. With the paral­lel development of the bioeconomy sector, the number of players on the market potentially competing for the limitedly available biomass is rising.

Due to steadily rising demands in terms of efficient utilisation technologies for sustainable bioen­ergy production and use, a comprehensive, up-to-date data basis is the strategic foundation for customised planning and the ongoing development of policy framework con­ditions. This includes the depiction of market trends, as well as trading and raw material flows. The DBFZ is also pursuing the objective of providing technological, economic and ecological data to analyse and assess biomass production, supply concepts and technology options. A further opportunity is to provide established and potential market players or other interested parties with transparent informa­tion on the continually rising quality and sustainability demands. Since February 2016, data management and provision at the DBFZ has been fostered by developing a structured research data management system.

An overview of services

  • Determination of biomass potential and development of usage scenarios and recycling strategies for different players on biomass markets (material and energy use)
  • Monitoring of market and technology trends, including systematic recording in databases, and drafting of market and technology overview reports
  • Forecasting future development trends in bioenergy and bioeconomics
  • Data provision on biomass/bioenergy trading (costs, prices and quantities), and cost analysis of biomass production and supply (cost-supply curves)
  • Provision of structural data on the power, heat and fuel market as well as analysis of the marketing strategies of plant and grid operators (e. g. for on-demand energy supply)

Depending on the question at hand, efficiency and sustainability analyses can be conducted in the course of economic, ecological and technical assessment and underpinned by sensitivity calculations and scenario analyses. This also applies to the evaluation of market and system integration concepts for flexible bioenergy supply.

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