Safety Instructions - Information for Visitors

Our safety regulations apply on the premises of the DBFZ. We kindly ask you to read the following regulations carefully and to hand in the completed and signed safety flyer at the entrance of the DBFZ. You can download the safety flyer at the end of this page.

Registration / Visitor badge

Please register with the doorman by showing your identity card or driving licence. You will then receive a guest card, which you hand in again when you leave. The badge must be worn openly and visibly!

Please observe the following rules on the premises of the DBFZ:

  • Always stay in the group
  • Pay attention to driving traffic
  • No open fire on the company premises
  • No photos of the research facilities
  • Consumption of food and drink in the Technika is prohibited.
Flyer on operational safety at the DBFZ
Download Information flyer on operational safety

In the flyer on operational safety at the DBFZ you will find important information for visitors and employees of external companies.

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