The research focus areas of the DBFZ

In order to depict key questions and aspects of bioenergy to the depth essential for excellence in research, the DBFZ established a total of five research focus areas.

They are oriented to the future trends and research policy challenges and the background conditions relating to the use of biomass as a source of materials and energy (including the strategies of the German Federal Government, such as the BioEconomy 2030 national research strategy, the National Bioeconomy Policy Strategy, the Federal Government’s Mobility and Motor Fuel Strategy, the Biorefineries Roadmap, etc.). Other cornerstones include the conditions dictating grant aid and subsidy policy, unique selling points within the research landscape, and in particular the sound infrastructure of the DBFZ. In order to exploit useful synergies, the five research focus areas of the DBFZ are split organisationally across its four research departments: Bioenergy Systems, Biochemical Conversion, Thermo-Chemical Conversion, and Biorefineries.


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