Research with companies

Applied research at the DBFZ develops practical solutions to current problems. The infrastructure, laboratories, pilot plants and test facilities are geared to this practical relevance. The DBFZ is an ideal cooperation partner for small, medium-sized and large companies in the bioenergy sector.

The problem-solving new and further development of technologies, processes and services can be realized with the DBFZ as a cooperation partner. It brings holistic knowledge, many years of expertise and new ideas into the research fields of biogas, biomethane, biomass gasification, biomass combustion, biorefineries, biofuels, solid fuels (pellets), system integration of bioenergy or biomass potentials. 

In addition to scientific expertise in the field of bioenergy, competent advice on bioenergy issues and an extensive research network, the DBFZ also offers joint use of the technical capacities of the DBFZ within the framework of cooperation projects. Under certain conditions, funding opportunities are also available for collaborative research. The Coordinator for knowledge and technology transfer will assist you in getting your cooperation off the ground:

Initial advice on questions relating to research cooperations

The (temporary) pooling of research resources is a good opportunity to advance ideas and innovations or to find solutions to current problems. The basis for the selection of successful innovations is a joint evaluation and determination of further development and research steps. The initial consultation provides detailed information on the various options for cooperation and enables a direct link with the experts at the DBFZ.

Development of joint R&D projects with the DBFZ

The structured structure of joint projects brings the partners together in a time-efficient and goal-oriented manner. The innovation coordinator assists in the composition of the R&D team, the resource supplementation and the funding consultation. In collaborative projects, several partners can jointly pursue an R&D goal. Companies can benefit from the extensive DBFZ networks.

Contact mediation, partner search, integration into existing networks 

Complex R&D goals often require input from specialized partners. These can be mediated and purposefully included from various networks. Integration into existing networks for targeted information acquisition can also be facilitated.

Knowledge acquisition and technology transfer in the field of bioenergy 

A variety of solutions and information have already been researched and developed. If they are missing in a development chain or represent a complementary step, there is the possibility of knowledge and technology transfer. Under certain circumstances, this is also encouraged. Karen Deprie will support you in this process.


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