Technical, economic and ecological assessment

The increasing competition for limited biomass resources in conjunction with the continually rising and changing demands for economical and ecological performance capability, is placing increased pressure on bioenergy plant operators to innovate and optimise.

The DBFZ offers market players a range of services for analysing and optimising existing and future bioenergy technologies and concepts. Alongside appraisals of the technical, economic and ecological characteristics of bioenergy plants, the analyses provide a suitable basis for process and concept optimisation.

An overview of services

Technical evaluation

  • Material and energy life cycle assessment

  • Technical feasibility

  • Technology screening and learning curves

  • Characteristic data-based evaluation (e. g. specific efficiencies, availabilities, quality level, classification by technical development status)

Economic evaluation

  • Feasibility studies and assessment of usage/operating concepts including costs of new plants, plant upgrades or repurposing projects

  • Cost and economic viability analyses for biogenic supply concepts (power, heat, fuels, chemical bioenergy sources)

  • Analysis of value chains based on life cycle cost analyses (LCC, social life cycle assessment) and assessments of the regional added value of the biomass usage concepts

Ecological assessment

  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) related to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts (including biological water balance, humus, eutrophication, acidification) as well as primary energy consumption

  • Competing land use


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