PhD Program

I am doing my doctorate because I am interested in future-oriented topics and would like to apply my acquired knowledge in practice at the same time! 

This could be the guiding principle of our DBFZ PhD program, because we offer all scientists doing their PhDs at the DBFZ the best opportunities to deal in depth and intensively with a bioenergy topic, as well as to apply acquired knowledge and findings in practice at the same time.

In the DBFZ's laboratories, pilot plants and offices, doctoral students will find everything they need to research their PhD topics in state-of-the-art technology. The ultra-modern equipment and infrastructure enable scientific work at a high level.

The professional supervision of the doctoral students by one to two experienced DBFZ scientists is an additional guarantee for the quality of the research. Academic support is usually provided by renowned universities in Germany, with which the DBFZ maintains close research cooperations. Doctoral students participate in the research life of the DBFZ from the very beginning and are involved in ongoing projects. Through regular participation in high-ranking scientific events, they are also introduced to the scientific community or given the opportunity to confirm their experience within the framework of committee work.

An excellent example of the efforts to integrate young researchers into the scientific community is the Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY ( initiated by the DBFZ, which is held annually in cooperation with leading research institutions and universities in the field of bioenergy. 

Participation in the DBFZ PhD programme is possible both part-time and within the framework of an external scholarship (e.g. DAAD). If you are interested in a part-time doctorate at the DBFZ, it is best to emphasise this in your application and clarify the possibilities during the interview. If you have your own scholarship, please send an unsolicited application to Please inquire in advance about the research focus area that interests you. Please note that in order to participate in the DBFZ doctoral programme, you must also be enrolled at a university that awards the doctoral degree. 



Would you like to know more? Then get in touch with the DBFZ's doctoral officer:
Dr. Elena H. Angelova

Please send enquiries by e-mail or applications to