Research data

Quality-assured data is the raw material from which DBFZ publications, reports and statements are produced. As part of their research and development activities, researchers at the DBFZ collect, research and acquire large amounts of data on the energetic and integrated material use of biogenic raw materials in the bioeconomy. This includes technical, ecological, economic and social information on each step of the diverse conversion chains as well as on regional, national and international drivers and framework conditions that influence the development of the energy system.

All tools and databases from the DBFZ's range of services can be found in summary form in the data lab at the following link

EE-Monitor - Monitoring for a nature-friendly energy transition:

General Terms of Use

The data are offered free of charge and are carefully checked and documented before publication. Nevertheless, the complete absence of errors in empirical data cannot be guaranteed. The DBFZ accepts no responsibility for the interpretation and analysis of the data by third parties.

Please always observe the scientific rules of citation. This also applies to references to original primary sources from which the data were developed. Any copyright and usage conditions mentioned in connection with individual publications must be observed.

If you have any questions or comments on specific data, please contact the respective named contact person or send an email to