Scientific support for R&D projects

As an example of comprehensive scientific support for R&D projects, the programme support of the BMWi funding programme "Biomass energy Use" at the DBFZ has been working for nine years.

In the context of events as well as symposia and workshops, 180 projects and 475 project partners from small and medium-sized enterprises and research institutions have been successfully networked through the funding programme to date. A further focus is the consolidation of the scientific output of the programme participants and the transfer of the results to different groups of actors (politics, research, practice). To this end, a series of publications has been developed in which more than 20 volumes and six focus issues on various key topics (heat from biomass, biogas, hydrothermal processes, bioenergy technologies, etc.) have been published to date.

Furthermore, the programme support organises the cross-project working groups of the funding programme in the process of harmonising methods and political discourse. So far, in the context of an intensive discussion process with the programme participants, the measurement method collections on the topic of biogas, particulate matter and gasification as well as a method handbook (in German and English) have been further developed. The funding programme has been a member of the BMWi research networks since 2016. Here the programme support coordinated the development of future R&D recommendations within the framework of the consultation process on the 7th Energy Research Programme, as well as the development of further statements. The network currently consists of more than 600 members. 

Overview of the services

  • Accompanying scientific research on complex R&D collaborations
  • Scientific advice and support for bioenergy initiatives in municipalities/regions
  • Scientific monitoring of research programmes:
    • Networking between projects
    • Bringing together scientific output and knowledge transfer (public relations and press work)
  • Increasing the visibility and visibility of the programmes
  • Coordination of cross-project working groups
  • Coordination and moderation of (socio)political discourses
  • Coordination of (technical) events and production of publications
  • Support of current expert dialogues
  • Coordination of harmonization processes

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