Scientific assignment

"The object of the Institute is application-oriented research and development in the field of energetic and integrated material use of renewable raw materials in the bioeconomy with special consideration of innovative techniques of economic effects and environmental concerns" (Extract from the shareholders' agreement)

In order to establish the energetic use of biomass permanently in the existing energy system, the DBFZ develops various concepts for the economically viable, ecologically harmless and socially acceptable energetic use of biomass. The aim is to analyse potential areas of conflict between the various objectives pursued with the expansion of bioenergy at an early stage and to develop forward-looking design approaches. Issues to be addressed in this context include integration into a changing energy system, improving energy efficiency, avoiding competing uses or avoiding emissions to soil, water and, in particular, the air. With the work of the DBFZ, the knowledge about the possibilities and limits of an energetic use of biomass is to be expanded overall and the outstanding position of Germany as an industrial location in this sector is to be secured.


The development of new processes, procedures and concepts takes place in close cooperation with partners from industry and commerce and other research institutions on the basis of jointly acquired national and international research funding or on behalf of other research institutions. This is intended to promote the initiation and support of networks in industry and between industry and science. At the same time, it is networked with agricultural, forestry and environmental research, including departmental research at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), non-university large-scale research (in particular with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ), state research institutions, selected universities and other German, European and international institutions in the field of biomass research.

Target groups

The target groups of the results of the R&D work are the specialist public and in particular the energy industry, agriculture and forestry, the biomass / bioenergy industry and, of course, the end consumer, who has a great interest in an environmentally and climate-friendly, economically presentable and socially acceptable provision of bioenergy. In addition to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, there are other federal and state ministries as well as other governmental and non-governmental, national and international organisations.

Research, Development and Innovation Concept of the DBFZ (5,5 MB)

Period: 2021-2026

The DBFZ's research and development goals are summarised in a transparent and comprehensible manner and are available here as a download.

Status: November 2020

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