Events of the DBFZ

The DBFZ is represented at a large number of trade fairs and congresses. In addition, we are also organizers of various large events such as the DBFZ Annual Conference, the Forum Science Management, etc.

2023Showcase „Hemp to composite materials“
11. Oct - 11. Oct The National Network "Bioeconomy in Practice", a platform for the engagement of key players in the German bioeconomy, invites to a showcase "Hemp to composite materials" in Mausitz (near Zwenkau / Leipzig) on 11 October 2023 to present the company FUSE, which produces sustainable composite products from hemp fibres and has the potential to replace synthetic glass and carbon fibres in these products. The company has already received several awards for its innovative products. During an excursion that starts in Mausitz and goes from there to Schkopau and Leipzig, participants can get to know the entire production chain of FUSE products: starting from a regional hemp cultivation area to see the roasting processes and visit harvesting and processing machines, all the way to the final composite product, the innovative and sustainable value-added process will be presented. The event is free of charge and English-speaking
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Event location: Excursion starting in Mausitz, via Schkopau, to Leipzig

Category: Cooperation

2023International Expert Workshop "Ten times more renewable fuels"
24. Oct - 24. Oct Worldwide, the demand for renewable fuels for sustainable mobility is increasing enormously. In the last 20 years, the production of renewable fuels could be increased to about 4 EJ. According to the scenarios of IRENA and the IEA, this figure will have to be around 32 to 58 EJ by 2050, i.e. on average ten times the current production. Experts from the IEA Bioenergy TCP Task 39 and the IEA AMF as well as representatives from Germany will present their views at an international expert workshop "Ten times more renewable fuels" and invite participants to a joint discussion. The event will be held in English at the DBFZ in Leipzig on 24.10.2023, 12 to 19 hrs. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to visit the pilot plant being built at the DBFZ as part of the project "Pilot SBG | Bioresources and Hydrogen to Methane as Fuel".
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Event location: DBFZ in Leipzig (Germany)

Category: Cooperation

12. Nov - 18. Nov AGRITECHNICA is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment. Exhibitors from all over the world present new technology for the agribusiness in 23 fully booked halls at the world’s largest exhibition grounds. Globally operating manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment present themselves directly.
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Event location: Hannover, Germany

Category: Trade fair