Press releases 2015

Please note: Most of the Press releases 2015 are available only in German

20th October 2015

DBFZ intensifies scientific exchange with Chinese top universities in the field of conversion of organic wastes and residues

Initiated by the DBFZ and the University of Rostock, German and Chinese scientists participated in various scientific workshops, talks and excursions in Leipzig and Rostock during the Sino-German Summer School "Energetic and material use from biogenic waste and residues" from 12.-17.October 2015. The summer school offered the opportunity to discuss the status quo of research and develop future research ideas. read more


DBFZ accompanies World Bank project for the construction of six biogas plants in Hebei, China

While the further expansion of biomass energy production has been slowed down by the decisions of the German Federal Government to restructure incentives, the People's Republic of China is aiming to significantly spur the development of the energetic use of biomass. To improve the quality of biogas plants in China, six biogas plants will be supported with know-how and technology "Made in Germany" in a project partly funded by the World Bank. The high-profile international expert group for the scientific supervision of the project is headed by Prof. Dr. mont. Michael Nelles, the scientific managing director of the DBFZ. Read more


DBFZ scientists publish research strategy for "smart" bioenergy provision

The transition of the energy system towards a renewable resource base requires a rethinking in all energy sectors and also the further development of bioenergy provision to better complement wind and solar energy. The now published research strategy involving different DBFZ scientist is entitled "Smart Bioenergy - Technologies and concepts for a more flexible bioenergy commission in Future Energy Systems" provides the latest research findings and perspectives in the field of energy and integrated material biomass use. read more


Final meeting: EU-funded SECTOR-project invites for knowledge exchange of torrefaction process

The final meeting of the European funded project SECTOR with the aim of further development and market introduction of torrefaction-based technologies will take place on 6th May 2015 in Leipzig, Germany. At the meeting the participants will receive the latest news, findings and results of the project and have the chance to discuss them with involved partners. The registration is now open and will end on 15th of April. More information about the project, the registration, the fee and the agenda can be found at read more