Employee directory

In the employee directory you will find contact information and profile pages for the DBFZ employees. The employees of the cooperation departments with the Helmholz Centre for Environmental Research, BEN and MicAs can be reached via the linked pages.


Executive Support Team

Field of work

Dr. Elena H. Angelova studied forestry at the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria and subsequently worked as Deputy Head of a Soil and Forest Reform Commission for the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture. From 2003 to 2009, she did her PhD and then worked as a Research Associate and Project Coordinator at the Institute of Forest and Environmental Policy at the University of Freiburg in Breisgau. Dr. Angelova has been working at the Deutsche Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH (DBFZ) since 2010, first as a Research Associate and Project Manager for projects focusing on Eastern Europe, and since 2013 as the Research Coordinator of the DBFZ.

Her tasks include providing strategic and organisational support to the Scientific Managing Director and the Leaders of the five Research Focus Area of the DBFZ in developing research strategy concepts, monitoring medium and long-term research planning, preparing and supporting internal and external evaluations, and supporting the Scientific Research Advisory Board of the DBFZ. In addition, she is responsible for reporting to various committees, recording key performance indicators, supporting proposal development at national and EU level, and supporting doctoral students at the DBFZ. Together with the DBFZ Event Management, she coordinates scientifically the implementation of the DBFZ Annual Conference and the Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY.

As an Ombudsperson, she supports the implementation of the good scientific practice at the DBFZ.

Curriculum vitae

Since 2013Research Coordinator of the DBFZ, Germany
2010 - 2012Research Associate and Project Manager with focus on Eastern Europe, DBFZ, International Affairs Working Group, Germany
2008 - 2009Research Associate and Project Coordinator, Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg, Germany
2003 - 2007PhD Researcher, Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg, Germany
2001 - 2002

Training program: “Environmental Management and Environmental Protection for Young Experts and Managers from Middle and East Europe” with practical training at:

  • Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Erfurt. Germany
  • Office of Areal Development and Agrarian Structural Reform, Gotha, Germany
  • Regional Office for Wood and Forestry, Gotha, Germany
2000 - 2001Vice - chairwoman of the Commission for Soil and Forest Reform (Botevgrad), Employer: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bulgaria
1994 - 2000Diploma of Forestry Engineer (eg. to  MSc), University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria

Committee work

Since 2019EERA Bioenergy - The European Energy Research Alliance; Spain (Contact person and Coordination for the DBFZ)
Since 2020Project Group Russia of the City of Leipzig, City of Leipzig, International Cooperation Department (Member)