Policy advice

By its very nature, research into the sustainable use of biomass as a material and energy source covers a wide range of different subject areas and levels of analysis. These must be regularly collated and processed in order to provide targeted assistance and support to decision-makers in government and industry.

The DBFZ offers a variety of consulting services for policy-makers, including the long-term observation of the development of bioenergy markets as part of various monitoring projects (in the area of electricity generation from biomass and the use of biofuels). This information supports the design of political instruments (e. g. EEG, EEWärmeG, Biokraft-NachV, etc.).

The DBFZ offers targeted support to political decision-makers in the form of statements (e. g. within the framework of legislative procedures) and factual papers (above all on the current potentials of biogenic waste and residual materials for energetic use, on existing waste-wood plants, on heat utilisation, and on the consequences of the adjustment of the biofuel quota). 

In addition to collecting, evaluating and presenting data and information on market development, available biomass potentials or typical parameters of bioenergy technologies, the DBFZ has in recent years also developed suitable tools for the development of medium- and long-term bioenergy scenarios for strategy development and supports the scientific monitoring of strategy projects.

An overview of services

  • Scientifc support of strategic policy development and derivation of recommendations for action 
  • Opinions on legislative procedures and on demands of current status, as well as support for the further development of policy and norms
  • Development and implementation of suitable monitoring systems under changing (research policy) conditions



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