World region Australia

Bioenergy gains importance in Australia and New Zealand but also in some countries of Oceania. This implies such important residues like woody biomass, wheat straw, sugar cane (processing) residues, urban biowaste, manure and dung. However, the single most important fuel (in Australia) is bagasse for co-generation. In some countries, biomethane and biodiesel out of (micro-)algae is starting to play a role. In general, the sector is still relatively small.


Country experiences

DBFZ has realized a couple of research interchanges in both directions with Australia. The main topics were the utilization of vinasse and filter cake for biogas production and the re-use of agricultural residues for energy production and nutrient recovery by anaerobic digestion. DBFZ was also consulted for a study on anaerobic digestion systems and deep litter waste management for rural primary industry enterprises.