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Research Associate

Field of work

Sebastian Semella has been working as a GIS specialist at the DBFZ in the Resource Mobilisation working group since the end of 2021. He previously worked for several years as a research assistant at the Institute of Geography at the University of Leipzig, where he conducted research on application potentials of infrared spectroscopy in soil science. At the DBFZ, he is primarily involved with analyses of the spatial distribution of biogenic resources and with automatisations of data evaluations using geographical information systems and R.

My publications

Semella, S.; Hutengs, C.; Seidel, M.; Ulrich, M.; Schneider, B.; Ortner, M.; Thiele-Bruhn, S.; Ludwig, B.; Vohland, M. (2022). Accuracy and Reproducibility of Laboratory Diffuse Reflectance Measurements with Portable VNIR and MIR Spectrometers for Predictive Soil Organic Carbon Modeling. Sensors, 22(7), 2749.

Sittaro, F., Hutengs, C., Semella, S., Vohland, M. (2022). A Machine Learning Framework for the Classification of Natura 2000 Habitat Types at Large Spatial Scales Using MODIS Surface Reflectance Data. Remote Sensing, 14(4), 823.

Ortner, M., Seidel, M., Semella, S., Udelhoven, T., Vohland, M., Thiele-Bruhn, S. (2022). Content of soil organic carbon and labile fractions depend on local combinations of mineral-phase characteristics. Soil, 8(1), 113-131.

Khorshid, M. S. H., Kruse, J., Semella, S., Vohland, M., Wagner, J. F., Thiele-Bruhn, S. (2019). Phosphorus fractions and speciation in rural and urban calcareous soils in the semiarid region of Sulaimani city, Kurdistan, Iraq. Environmental Earth Sciences, 78(16), 1-14.

Curriculum vitae

2018 - 2021Research associate, Uni Leipzig