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In the employee directory you will find contact information and profile pages for all DBFZ employees. The employees of the cooperation departments with the Helmholz Centre for Environmental Research, BEN and MicAs can be reached via the linked pages. Please note that the employee directory is currently under construction and will be successively expanded.


Scientific Managing Director

Field of work

Michael Nelles is an environmental engineer at the TU Berlin and covers the following areas in R&D and consulting: fundamental and practice-oriented challenges of waste management, especially technical, ecological and economic aspects of mechanical, biological and thermal treatment of waste and biomass in concepts for material and energy recovery. He is a member of numerous national and international advisory boards of organisations, conferences and journals in the fields of waste management and biomass use. He is editor of numerous reference books and conference volumes as well as author of about 400 contributions in reference books and technical periodicals since 1994. The emphasis of the international activities lies in Asia and there in particular in China.