Pilot plant synthetic biogas

Bioresources and hydrogen to methane as fuel - design of a pilot-scale plant


In the PILOT-SBG project, previously unused biogenic residual materials, by-products and wastes are to be converted as complementary raw material mixtures to biomethane as the main product. To this end, the DBFZ is planning the construction of a plant on a pilot scale at its Leipzig site. The plant concept basically combines anaerobic fermentation with innovative preparation and post-treatment processes such as hydrothermal processes in order to finally provide methane as an energy source/fuel by means of synthesis. The individual modules are each operated continuously or as a batch.

The individual project objectives are included:

Use of biogenic residues, by-products and waste for fuel production

  • complementary raw material mixtures for an optimal process

  • mobilisation of raw materials for concrete requirements 

Expansion of the product range and optimization of yield

  • comparative analysis of innovative technology approaches for biogas production

  • synthesis-based production of methane fuel using the carbon dioxide from the biogas process and electrolytically produced hydrogen

  • separation of valuable by-products

  • conversion of waste-based fermentation residues into hydrothermally carbonized biochar 

Construction and operation of a pilot plant at the DBFZ to outline the process chain

  • raw materials: monthly approx. 0.2 to 1.2 tons

  • main product: monthly 25 to 80 standard cubic meters of renewable methane 

Preparation of the demonstration scale 

  • technical conception for a demonstration plant based on experiences from the pilot phase

  • comprehensive feasibility analysis including location identification, market development, etc.

Flyer PILOT-SBG (Pilot plant synthetic biogas)
Flyer PILOT-SBG (Pilot plant synthetic biogas)

Bioresources and hydrogen to methane as fuel - Design of a pilot-scale plant

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PILOT-SBG is financed as a pilot project of MFS by: