Events 2019

The Fifth Sino-German Agribusiness Conference in Beijing, China

On 14 June 2019,the 5th Sino-German Agribusiness Conference was held in Beijing, China. It was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany, and organized by the Sino-German Agricultural Center.

About 260 people from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany, embassies in China, nearly 100 German and Chinese enterprises, and media and journalists from both sides attended the meeting to exchang views from their different perspectives about future agricultural cooperation between Germany and China.


Technical Tour for the investigation for improved options of digestate utilization of agricultural residues in Anhui province

Different agricultural and animal husbandry institutions stood in the focus of a technical tour in the Anhui province, in Januar 2019. Aim of the 2 days technical tour was to discuss about investigations on the scale of livestock and poultry breeding and new/improved treatment methods of animals manure and straw in the named counties in Anhui province. For example, different biogas utilisation options have been examined, where straw is currently only composted and processed to fertilizer. On all sites, possible options for future cooperation and common follow up projects for the improved utilisation of agricultural residues have been considered.

Image: Yingshang Junxiyue Agricultural and Animal husbandry Co. Ltd., Anhui province, China

Events 2018

Sino-German Workshop for Advanced Biomethane Technology - 31st October 2018 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

38 participants from Chinese central government (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) and provincial government (Inner Mongolia), from five Chinese universities and research institutes, from 4 private companies from from Germany and China as well as GIZ and DBFZ as the organizer, attended the workshop in Hangzhou.

The meeting firstly provided the comprehensive development of biomethane sector by the representatives from the Rural Energy & Environment Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, followed by the representatives from GIZ to present a new Sino-German Project on Biomethane Technology. The experts from Chinese and German research institutes demonstrated the latest dynamics and trends in the biomethane sector. Apart from that, the meeting was a diverse but harmonious opinion exchange: the representatives from the public and private sector and the experts from Chinese and German research institutes had a fruitful discussion on a wide spectrum of issues regarding the market and technologies in the biogas / biomethane sector.


Events 2017

Project Kick-Off meeting in Beijing / China

The Kick-Off for the China-Res project took place on 14-16 November 2017 at project parter Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering (CAAE) in Shuangqiao, Peking.


Reader of the ChinaRes Kick-Off Workshop in November 2017
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