7th Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY

24/25th September 2024 | Face-to-Face event at DBFZ

The 7th Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY (#DocBIOENERGY) will take place this year from 24th to 25th of September 2024 at the DBFZ in Leipzig. It will be supported by the international Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of 47 renowned bioenergy scientists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Norway and representing 38 research and higher education institutions.


Future researchers, industry leaders and policy makers need to be brought together at an early stage to share knowledge and discuss research gaps and challenges. At the same time, networking between scientific institutions that are already intensively involved in bioenergy research needs to be expanded.

Addressing that demand, the Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY was initiated in 2018. Since then, it not only serves as a platform for junior scientists to gain further qualification, but also provides them an opportunity for networking and scientific exchange. Doctoral researchers from both universities and other research institutions present and discuss their latest results and advancements.


The Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY addresses every part of the biomass conversion chain, from the feedstock via different conversion pathways and their technological implementation, up to the resulting products and services. Bioenergy system analyses and system integration measures round off the topic.

Theme fields

Sustainable resource base

  • Which feedstocks can be utilized for energy production?
  • What kind of pre-treatment is required?
  • What is the potential of sutable feedstocks?

Bioenergy system analysis 

  • How can bioenergy be integrated into the overall energy system?
  • What are suitable integration parameters?
  • How can the material and energy provision from biomass be optimised?
  • What is an adequate allocation between material and energy use?
  • How can the economic, environmental and social performance of bioenergy systems be optimized?
  • How can biomass use contribute to achieve overall sustainability aims like net zero energy systems, carbon neutrality or SDG?
  • How does Bioenergy perform in concurrence to other renewable solutions like power-to-gas and other long-term flexibility options?

Thermochemical conversion

  • How to improve efficiency in thermochemical processes?
  • In which way feedstock composition affects process operation and product properties?
  • What upgrading steps are required to convert intermediates from thermochemical conversions into final products?

Biochemical conversion

  • What are new process routes and products?
  • Which processes for downstream processing are efficient?
  • How can microbial processes be improved?

Biorefineries / Biofuels

  • What are promising full value chains in bioeconomy?
  • In which way can bioenergy be implemented into biorefineries?
  • How can we supply biorefineries with renewable energy?
  • What is the scale of a bioreffinery? Bio-BASF or on-farm?
  • Biofuels versus e-mobility? What is suitable for which application?

Target group

Tomorrow's knowledge and decision-makers are invited to meet, to share knowledge and discuss research gaps and challenges already today. The 7th Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY offers you this platform for professional exchange in the field of bioenergy. Generally, students doing their PhD in the field of bioenergy and at an advanced stage of their work are cordially invited to present their scientific results, methods and findings.

7th Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY

Date & location of the event 24./ 25.09.2024
DBFZ in Leipzig (Germany)
Event format Face-to-Face event, in English
Participation fee with costs
Registration until 17.09.2024 via our registration form (will be activated shortly)