Call for Pitches

The DBFZ Annual Conference 2024 offers founders and start-ups a stage to present their innovative idea, exchange ideas with participants on site and thus find partners and supporters.

Topics for the pitch presentation can be assigned to the focal points of the annual conference:

  • The future of biomethane - exploring the possibilities
  • Bio-based solutions for negative emissions
  • Biomass cycles

What we offer:

In a three-minute pitch presentation, selected speakers can present their company or idea to the participants (online / presence). This will be followed by an opportunity to convince potential partners and supporters in an on-site matchmaking format. After the DBFZ Annual Meeting 2024, the pitch presentation slides (if available) or alternatively a short description of the idea with contact details will be published in a conference reader (ISSN number) with the consent of the pitchers, which will be made available to all participants and other interested parties for free download on the DBFZ website.

What we expect:

The selected speakers will be available for a three-minute pitch on the first day of the DBFZ Annual Conference 2024 (11th Sept 2024) and will present themselves and their idea to the participants (online / presence). Presentation slides can be used for this, but are not a requirement. For the subsequent matchmaking, they will be available for bilateral discussions.

By the way: The pitch that inspires the participants the most will win the DBFZ Pitch Award 2024.