Workshop „The impact of your research“

Monday, 23.09.2024 | 14:00-18:00 | on-site Event at DBFZ in Leipzig

Have you ever considered what impact you could create with your research? Here’s the place to start! This workshop focuses on the WHY behind your work. You will find out about the Golden Circle, reflect on your views on purpose, and identify potential areas of impact for your work based on the Sustainable Development Goals. Join us and discover how your research can contribute!

The event is organized by the "Young Entrepreneurs in Science" organization. Its aim is to open up new career and development prospects for highly qualified scientists during or shortly after their doctorate. With the help of design thinking and interdisciplinary teamwork, participants are encouraged to discover their existing skills and potential. The event will be run by Dr. Elena Angelova, Research Coordinator at the DBFZ and Karen Deprie, Coordinator for Knowledge and Technology Transfer.