The project objectives are to:

  • Develop, design and construct a biomass gasification boiler prototype operating with olive oil residues.
  • Integrate the biomass gasification boiler prototype in an existing CSP plant (REELCOOP prototype 3) and its demonstration in Tunisia with this CSP in hybrid operation mode.
  • Develop a concept of the CSP-Biomass hybrid system for two different countries in the MENA region (Algeria and Jordan), taking into account the inherent context specificities regarding the type of biomass available.
  • Transfer REELCOOP project experience to other partners
  • Increase R&D capacity of MPC partners
  • Strengthen knowledge transfer to MPC partners on bioenergy and hybrid CSP-biomass technologies,
  • Technology transfer between EU and MPC.
  • Establish a roadmap for further cooperation between EU and MPC countries.

The BIOSOL project is linked to the REELCOOP project, to enhance research cooperation and knowledge creation on renewable electricity generation, involving Mediterranean partner countries (MPC), while at the same time developing and testing new renewable electricity generation systems. It will also contribute to enrich enerMENA CSP Teaching Material, with new lectures regarding bioenergy and hybrid CSP-biomass technologies.