Welcome to the DBFZ Annual Conference 2020

Our next DBFZ Annual Conference will take place on September 16th and 17th, 2020. In the newly established conference centre at the DBFZ we welcome you with exciting contributions on the topic of "Bioenergy between climate package and bioeconomic strategy".

According to the German government, renewable energy sources and resources should significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and smooth the way for a largely climate-gas-neutral and cycle-oriented economy. An ambitious goal that can only succeed if many measures and concepts are bundled and promoted. However, the priorities and transformation timetables still need to be explored and shaped. For this reason, the DBFZ Annual Conference 2020 would like to offer scientists and practitioners space to clarify and discuss in depth possible ways of material-energetic use of biomass, as well as their processes and requirements, and thus make a special contribution to the achievement of objectives.

Stay informed about this event website, our event newsletter and the company presence on Twitter and LinkedIn #DBFZ2020.

The event is flanked by our annual PhD Colloquium Bioenergy.

We are already looking forward to a stimulating conference in Leipzig. Conference language will be German with simultaneous translation into English.