The objective of the project is the development of a cost-optimized value chain for bio-based olefins and complex nutrient media based on insect biomass for technical applications. Starting from a low-cost nutrient substrate from residual material streams, high-quality insect proteins and fats are to be obtained which can be supplied to a large number of utilisation pathways. Relevant waste streams are e.g. brewery residues, by-products of biofuel production, sugar production and food industry and nitrogen-rich fermentation residues from biogas plants. As beneficial insects, black soldier flies (Hermetia Illucens) are used in the process to convert organic feedstocks into valuable insect biomass.


The insect meal obtained after processing consists of equal parts of insect fat and protein. The innovative approach of this project lies in the use of residues for the production of bio-based olefins from insect fats for applications in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In addition, insect proteins from black soldier flies contain a high-quality amino acid spectrum and represent an alternative to allergenic wheat proteins. The project will investigate the use of insect protein as a complex nutrient medium for biotechnological applications. Relevant utilization pathways are to be selected and evaluated on the basis of comprehensive product and cost analyses together with potential customers. The CIP project aims to support the further optimisation of insect production technology in order to increase the economic and ecological sustainability of the Hermetia process and to accelerate the development and market introduction of new, innovative insect products adapted to demand.

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