Project summary

Electricity demand in the MENA region increases at a rate of 6-8% per year. It is expected to double by 2020 and triple by 2030. The use of renewable energy for electricity generation ensures climate protection, energy security, and development (employment, technology transfer, etc.). 

The aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate a new hybridization (solar/biomass) solution for an existing prototype of the REELCOOP project. A biomass gasification boiler will be developed and integrated in the CSP prototype 3 of the REELCOOP project, instead of the biogas boiler, allowing a direct comparison between the merits and disadvantages of the two biomass technologies in hybridization operation mode. Prototype 3 of REELCOOP is a hybrid renewable electricity production mini-power plant (60 kW electrical output), composed of a CSP and a biogas boiler. 

The developed biomass gasification boiler operates with olive oil residues. It is characterized by high efficiency and low emissions. The developed system presents major improvements/innovations as no similar system is currently available in the market-

A concept of CSP-Biomass hybrid systems for two different countries in the MENA region (Algeria and Jordan) will be also developed, taking into account the inherent context specificities. In addition, environmental and economic sustainability assessments for the hybrid system will be performed, together with a plan for commercial exploitation for the hybrid technology. 

This project will allow extending the knowledge on CSP hybridization with biomass technologies, sharing the REELCOOP (prototype 3) project experience with new partners, and enhancing research cooperation between EU and Mediterranean researchers, fostering the participation of MPC partners.
It will, also, strengthen knowledge and technology transfer between EU and MPC partners and R&D capacity of MPC partners.

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This project is realized in the framework of the ERANETMED program.