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The Work Groups of the Bioenergy Systems Department

The scientists of the Bioenergy Systems Department work in different teams and deal with issues covering all aspects of the sustainable production and use of bioenergy. This includes the sustainability assessment aspects as well as the determination of sustainable biomass potential. The different teams of the department are shortly described in the following. For a broader overview about the focal areas and the offered research services please click here: Focal Areas and Services

The team in Bioenergy Systems

Work Groups

Work group "Sustainability and biomass potential"
The work group deals with different issues around the sustainable production and use of bioenergy. This includes aspects of sustainability assessment and the provision of sustainable biomass potential. read more

Work group "Markets and utilisation"
The objective of the work group is market monitoring as well as deriving fuel quality standards and adapted quality assurance systems as the basis for efficient biomass trading. This also includes individual supply concepts for specific locations. read more

Work group "Regional integration"
The work group has a regional focus and deals with issues concerning concepts for previously unused biomass, considers material flows and analyses regional added value chains. read more

Work group "Biomass in the energy system"
Against the background of an increasing proportion of electricity produced from regenerative energy, direct, targeted integration of biomass in the energy system is necessary. The increasing demand for biomass, to cover the energetic and material demand and heat and transport expectations, poses a real challenge. The objective of the work group is therefore, to provide analysis tools, models and simulation calculations. read more

UFZ Bioenergy Department - system analysis
Research on system analysis for the supply and utilisation of biomass as energy. Although the focus of the DBFZ is on system studies, system evaluations and political consultation, the work carried out on behalf of the UFZ concentrates on the development of scenarios and the creation of models for the development and evaluation of integrated bioenergy systems. read more


Head of Bioenergy Systems Department
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Daniela Thrän
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-435
E-Mail: daniela.thraen(at)


Claudia Klötzing
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-578
E-Mail: claudia.kloetzing(at)dbfz(dot)de