Beiträge 2. Doktorandenkolloquium Bioenergie 2019

Montag, 30. September 2019

Die Präsentationsfolien sind, sofern dafür freigegeben, bei dem jeweiligen Vortrag hinterlegt.

Time Program 





Welcome address
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl / FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thrän / DBFZ



Keynote "Towards a Sustainable (Bio-)Energy Transition - Ethical Considerations"
Prof. Dr. Potthast / Internationales Zentrum für Ethik in den Wissenschaften (IZEW) an der
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen



Impulse statements by the 5 session leaders (3 minutes each)


Coffee Break and poster exhibition


Session Biorefineries / Biofuels
(20 min. each + 5 min. discussion)

Session "Energy crops production and -utilization"
(20 min. each + 5 min. discussion)


Prof. Dr. Kruse (Universität Hohenheim)
Prof. Dr. Dahmen (KIT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gaderer (TU München)

Prof. Dr. Weber-Blaschke (TU München)
PD Dr. Kurt Möller (LTZ Augustenberg)


Integration of carbonisation processes into a biorefinery concept
Benjamin Schwan (TU Dresden)

Research on Ukrainian Energy Crops for Biogas Production
Ievgeniia Morozova (Universität Hohenheim)


Biogas Filling Dtation – Comparative Economic Evaluation of Different Concepts for Decentralised Partial Biogas Upgrading
Abdessamad Saidi (TH Ingolstadt)

Low Indirect Land Use Change Risk Indicators for Certification- Current Status
Beike Sumfleth (Universität Leipzig / DBFZ)


Gas conditioning of bio-oil hydrotreatment off-gases for the efficient hydrogen recirculation: a modelling and experimental approach
Michael Bampaou (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas)


CLARA- Chemical looping gasification for sustainable production of biofuels
Paul Dieringer (TU Darmstadt)

17:00Journey to Nuremberg City center (ca. 30min) 

Guided tour: Historic city centre of Nürnberg
17:45 City tour - english language
17:45 City tour - german language

Guided tour: Rock-cut beer cellars
17:45 Nuremberg cellar- english language
18:00 Nuremberg cellar- german language


Conference dinner (Zum Spiessgesellen)


Dienstag 1. Oktober 2019



Session "Thermochemical Conversion I"
(20 min. each + 5 min. discussion)

Session "System analysis bioenergy"
(20 min. each + 5 min. discussion)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Quicker (RWTH Aachen)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thrän (DBFZ)
Dr. Eltrop (Universität Stuttgart)


Procedure for the development of catalysts for emission reduction in combustion plants - From laboratory to practice
René Bindig (MLU Halle-Wittenberg / DBFZ)

Biogas Plant Operating Strategies for Demand-Oriented Electricity Generation at the Distribution Grid Level
Katharina Bär (TH Ingolstadt)


SOFC single cells fed with wood gas: the influence of tar contaminants on cell performance
Yixing Li (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Impact of increased use of biomass in transport on the role of bioenergy for electricity and district heating
Sylvio Nagel (Universität Stuttgart)


Optimisation of process parameter during Hydrothermal Carbonisation of sewage sludge
Wolfgang Waldmüller (TU München)

Bioenergy Technologies Pathways in the German Electricity and Heat Market - a techno-economic Brownfield Optimization
Samah Gouya (Universität Stuttgart)


Development of a ball grate system for the combustion of wheat straw pellets in small-scale furnaces
Lukas Schenke (RWTH Aachen)

The representation of biomass-based carbon removal options in German energy and climate scenarios
Alena Hahn (Universität Leipzig / DBFZ)


Coffee Break and poster exhibition



Session "Thermochemical Conversion II"
(20 min. each + 5 min. discussion)

Session "Biochemical Conversion"
(20 min. each + 5 min. discussion)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Quicker (RWTH Aachen)

Dr. Liebetrau (DBFZ)
Dr. Oechsner (Universität Hohenheim)


Utilization of biogenic residues in a biorefinery concept via entrained flow gasification with coupled gas fermentation for the production of basic chemicals
Philipp Leuter (TU München)

Optimizing biological CO2-methanation in a trickle-bed reactor: the ORBIT-Project
Martin Thema (OTH Regensburg)


"BioWasteStirling" - Long-term operation experience of a fluidized bed-fire Stirling engine for micro-scale CHP Tanja Schneider (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Trickle-bed reactor for biological methanisation
Tobias Weidlich (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)


Hydrothermal Carbonisation of Biogenic Waste
Niklas Stobernack (TH Köln)

Biological Methanation Using Synthesis Gas of an Allothermal Wood Gasifier
Thomas Trabold (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)


Deep desulphurization of biomass-based gasification syngas
Christian Frilund (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Quantification and mitigation of methane emissionsfrom biogas plants
Thorsten Reinelt (TU Dresden / DBFZ)


Lunchbreak and poster exhibition



Poster Speed-Presentation
3 min. each


Biochemical Conversion

The potential role of biochemicals for German climate targets: Assessments based on environmental and economic perspectives
Frazer Musonda (Universität Leipzig)


Biorefineries / biofuels

Synthesis of light hydrocarbons from biogas and electrolytic hydrogen
Sebastian Dietrich (TU Berlin / DBFZ)


Biorefineries / biofuels

Fabrication, characterization and modeling of water selective membranes for methanation reactors
Matthis Kurth (TU Berlin / DBFZ)


Energy crops production and -utalization

Influence of anaerobic digestion processes on the germination of weed seeds
Lijun Zhou (Universität Hohenheim)


Energy crops production and -utalization

Food Waste Co-Digestion in Germany and the United States: From Lab to Full-Scale Systems
Benedikt Hülsemann (Universität Hohenheim)


System analysis bioenergy

Status quo of Solid Biogenic Fuels in the European Union: Overview on Qualities, Standards and Applications
Niels Kirstein (Universität Leipzig / DBFZ)


Thermochemical Conversion

Characterisation of carbon-free and carbon-containing ashes from thermochemical conversion of Si-rich agricultural residues
Thomas Schliermann (DBFZ)


Thermochemical Conversion

Development and application of novel SCR catalysts for the low-temperature denitrification of exhaust gases from the thermo-chemical conversion of biogenic solid fuels
Mario König (MLU Halle-Wittenberg / DBFZ)


Thermochemical Conversion

Catalyst characterization and integration at small-scale biomass combustion systems
Mirjam Müller (Universität Leipzig / DBFZ)


Thermochemical Conversion

Systematical study of most relevant parameters on the quality of biogenic silica obtained from thermochemical conversion of rice husk
Hossein Beidaghy Dizaji (Universität Leipzig / DBFZ)


other topics

Bioenergy Policy in Germany: The Regulation of Power and Heat from Biomass
Katrin Beer (OVGU Magdeburg)

14:40Summary and Conclusions 



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