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Since kind and potential of the available raw materials and the local frameworks differ significantly between the European countries and even between the regions of one country, each partner will concentrate on one region in his country to analyse the local situation. So already existing networks will be detected or new ones can be built up in the selected regions. This close cooperation gives the possibility to develop fitting concepts for better market integration of alternative pellets.

Based on the experiences of the local networking activities, national and international basic conditions were summarized by surveying literature studies and ongoing research projects and interviewing relevant key actors amongst the pellet supply chain. Thus the MixBioPells project provides latest market information for alternative biomass pellets based on comprehensive data collection all over Europe.

Based on these experiences the major relevant objectives and outcomes for the actors will be:

  1. Improvement of the data and information transfer and support of local biobusiness activities for the energetic utilization of non woody (mixed) biomass pellets or briquettes by
  • evaluating best practice examples and case studies
  • organizing of regional workshops
  • publishing of an initiators handbook
  • set up of a database and communication platform

2.  Increasing the public awareness, communication and guidance for decision-makers by

  • publishing brochures
  • including political and administrational decision makers in the project

3.  Development of a labeling system for non- woody (mixed) biomass pellets/ briquettes and boilers