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Wissenschaftsnetzwerk SOJUS BIOENERGIE – Anbahnung und Unter-stützung der Wissenschafts-kooperationen zwischen Osteuropa, Zentralasien und Deutschland zur nach- haltigen energetischen Biomassenutzung.


International Knowledge and Technology Transfer


The sustainable utilization of biomass for energetic purposes is gaining more and more importance worldwide. Due to fluctuating energy prices and limited financial resources, many countries focus on the energetic use of biomass. However, they have not obtained the necessary knowledge and technology yet although some of these countries have long lasting experience with bioenergy utilization and have found solutions for specific technical challenges.

Against this background, the DBFZ is aiming to develop and execute concepts and demonstrate projects to enhance these activities. Technical know-how and knowledge will be transferred allowing for an evaluation of possibilities and limits for the sustainable utilization of biomass for energy production while also considering the different framework conditions in these countries.

Competencies and Activities

In cooperation with international partners, the DBFZ realizes bioenergy projects in many countries worldwide. Different stakeholders from politics, administration or science as well as business partners are incorporated into these projects. The results of these joint projects are promoted at conferences and in workshops. In addition, guest scientists (Post-Doc) and PhD students are invited to do their research at the DBFZ focusing on different aspects of bioenergy such as:

  • Systemic contribution of biomass
  • Anaerobic processes
  • Processes for chemical bioenergy sources and fuels
  • SmartBiomassHeat
  • Catalytic emission control

During the past couple of years, the DBFZ has participated in many European and non-European projects and transferred knowledge in many countries abroad (see map below). Therefore, the DBFZ guarantees high intercultural competencies, communication skills for a broad variety of languages (e.g. English, Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Bulgarian, etc.) and long-term experience in the international context.

Country Experience

The DBFZ has realized studies and projects in a variety of countries in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia), East Asia (China, Japan) and Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Chile). Over the years, the DBFZ has established strong networks in these countries in order to realize further research and consultancy projects. In other countries, the DBFZ has conducted short-term studies on biomass potentials and substrates or has undertaken pre-feasibility studies for concrete (bioenergy pilot) plants.

Partner regions

Country Profiles

On the country profiles pages you will find a schematic overview of the international activities of the DBFZ in the respective country. The selection will continually expand. Please click on the link below for more information.

Poland / Russia / China / Ukraine / Belarus / Brazil / Chile

International Newsletter

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