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The Work Groups of the Biorefineries Department

The area of biorefineries, divided in various teams, works on the practical analysis and the evaluation of present and future biofuel production and use, focusing on the technical and economic feasibility moreover the environmental aspects regarding the current and future sustainability goals. The objectives and main activities of the teams are outlined briefly hereafter. For a detailed overview of the focus of research & development activities and the offered research services please click here: Focal areas and Research services

Work Groups

Work group "Syngas technologies"
As a prerequisite for the analysis and assessment of system components and overall concepts, process simulation takes place in close coordination with focal work on fuel characterisation and synthetic gas supply (e.g. in the transfer of results from experimental studies). Read more

Work group "Fuels and separation technologies"
By integrating the results from the experimental investigations on the one hand and the process simulation on the other, this work is concentrated on approaches for the supply of biofuels and other products in biorefineries from a systems point of view. Read more

Work group "Overall system assessment"
An overall assessment based on multi-criteria analyses and evaluations under different aspects (e.g. engineering, costs, environmental effects) is necessary for comparative classification of the total concept approaches relevant from a technical point of view for biofuel and biorefinery technologies with each other and in comparison to alternative approaches in the energy system. In addition, ecobalances, feasibility studies and the investigation of all aspects of location planning ensure real, practical solutions. Read more

Work group "Chemical biomass upgrading"
Thermo-chemical processes and methods in the context of biorefinery approaches are the subject of theoretical, experimental and practical studies as the focus of this R& D work in close synergy with process simulation and systems approach issues. Read more

Contact Person

Head of Biorefineries Department
Dr.-Ing. Franziska Müller-Langer
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-423
E-Mail: franziska.mueller-langer(at)


Martin Hartmann-Schüler
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-545
E-Mail: martin.hartmann-schueler(at)dbfz(dot)de