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with this newsletter we would like to point your attention to new releases, collaborations, events and interesting research projects. We would be pleased to welcome you to one of our scientific events. More information can be found on our website under www.dbfz.de.

In this issue:

  • DBFZ and ECN sign MoU in presence of the Dutch King and Queen
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles gives a presentation witnessed by Li Keqiang
  • DBFZ got SAFEA Certificate for foreign experts
  • Extension of the cooperation agreement with GIZ
  • MoU with Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
  • Intensification of cooperation with University of Talca (Chile)
  • Initial activities in India
  • 3rd International Conference on Monitoring & Process Control of ADs

DBFZ and ECN sign MoU in presence of the Dutch King and Queen

On their journey through the German States of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the Dutch royal family Willem-Alexander and Máxima made a visit to the Leipzig Science Park (Leipziger Wissenschaftspark) in February 2017. On the invitation of the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the DBFZ, the royal couple witnessed the official signing of two memorandum of understanding between Dutch and German research institutes, among them a MoU between the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and DBFZ. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were accompanied by a Dutch business delegation. German and Dutch companies, scientists and consultants in the field of green chemistry, recycling and bioenergy conducted an internal network meeting titled "Green Chemistry & Biotechnology" at the Leipzig Science Park. After four short talks, about 70 representatives of the two nations discussed specific issues in 1:1 match-making events, establishing new network contacts and exchanging mutual research ideas.

Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles gives a presentation witnessed by Li Keqiang

Within the framework of the Chinese New Year celebrations, 80 of the 600,000 SAFEA-listed foreign experts who are active in China were selected and invited to a SAFEA symposium and an integrated meeting with Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Germany sent 13 experts (more than the USA with 12). The Scientific Managing Director of DBFZ was responsible for the topics of environmental protection (waste management, renewable energies, bioenergy) as well as for the cooperation with Hefei University, Anhui Province. In the symposium, 20 experts, including Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles, gave short speeches which will be evaluated by the SAFEA and the Chinese ministries now. These inputs should be used for the further development of the PRC. Bioenergy is one of the most important topics in the 13th Five-Year-Plan (2016-2020) which may explain why DBFZ was among the last 20 selected experts among all participants.

DBFZ got SAFEA Certificate for foreign experts

DBFZ, together with 14 other top institutes worldwide, passed the certification process of the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) at the end of 2016. This certificate entitles DBFZ to offer training and further education in China. In particular, it is planned to provide vocational education and training on biomass and bioenergy, to foster the joint scientific research and applied technology development and transfer, to analyse industrial policies, and to do market assessment. In order to provide the expertise on biomass and bioenergy, DBFZ will deepen its cooperation with the established scientific partners in China.

Extension of the cooperation agreement with GIZ

The existing cooperation agreement with GIZ was renewed and extended in 2016. A very new instrument is the possibility of in-house tendering among both partners. Consequently, it is possible, much more easily than before, to jointly implement bioenergy projects in respective countries. A first concrete project cooperation has been initiated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Further activities are foreseen in Indonesia and Vietnam.

MoU with Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

A cooperation agreement with Stellenbosch University, an internationally recognized top university in South Africa, was signed in February 2017. The objective of this cooperation is it to foster the exchange of doctoral students, thereby continuing the already existing cooperation between Stellenbosch and Leipzig (Joint Master Program with the University of Leipzig). In addition, the scientific cooperation in the areas of biogas, biomass potential and market analyzes, bioenergy data and the modeling of biorefinery concepts should be facilitated.

Intensification of cooperation with University of Talca (Chile)

DBFZ has already had a long-lasting cooperation with the University of Talca (Chile) for a couple of years. So far, the cooperation has focused on the exchange of young scientists and on the joint project collaboration. For example, scientists of both institutes are developing a furnace which is cost-effective and which will reduce, owing to its low emissions, the environmental impact, in particular the fine dust concentrations in the valley basins of the Chilean Andes). Based on the existing cooperation, a broader cooperation agreement was signed in order to intensify the exchange of knowledge and technology and to establish a closer scientific network.

Initial activities in India

In 2016, DBFZ expanded its activities in India. Nearly 20% of the world's population lives there now, and comprehensive climate protection measures have the corresponding global leverage effect. Against this background, the DBFZ and the Department of Waste and Material Flow Management (ASW) of the University of Rostock were co-organizers of the most important scientific waste conference in India. At the 6th "International Conference on Waste Management" (IconWM) 2016 in Calcutta, almost 600 participants from science, practice and politics participated. One important topic has been the treatment of the organic fraction of waste.

Upcoming Events

3rd International Conference on Monitoring & Process Control of ADs

Anaerobic digestion is a complex process of subsequent and interacting degradation steps. A precise control of this complex biological process is crucial to make the biogas production process more efficient, reliable and profitable. Novel process monitoring and controlling tools are necessary to improve performance of anaerobic digestion. The 3rd International Conference on “Monitoring & Process Control of Anaerobic Digestion Plants” focuses on the requirements of measurement tools, best practice and practically implemented applications of monitoring and control devices. [read more]

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