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As an institution primarily conducting applied research, the DBFZ seeks to engage in close cooperation with project partners from industry, and offers an extensive portfolio of contract research and science-based services. They extend the research focus areas presented here, and are targeted at policy-makers, industrial clients, non-profit organisations, consultants and supervisory bodies. The work is handled on an interdepartmental basis, so that the entire expertise of the DBFZ can be deployed comprehensively and effi ciently for the following consulting and technical services.

Policy advice

By its very nature, research into the sustainable use of biomass as a material and energy source covers a wide range of different subject areas and levels of analysis. These must be regularly collated and processed in order to provide targeted assistance and support to decision-makers in government and industry. In this context, the DBFZ offers a wide range of consulting services for policy decision-makers. They include, for example, long-term monitoring of trends in bioenergy markets (comprising various projects relating to power generation from biomass and use of biofuel) and, on that basis, support in framing policy instruments (e. g. EEG, EEWärmeG, Biokraft-NachV, etc.). The services also offer targeted support to policy decision-makers through the compilation of commentaries (such as in connection with new legislation) and position papers (mainly concerning the current potential for use of biogenic waste and residues as energy source materials, the portfolio of waste wood plants, the use of heat, and the consequences of a change to the biofuel quota). In addition to collecting, evaluating and presenting data and information on market trends, available biomass potential or the characteristic variables of available and future bioenergy technologies (costs, technical characteristics or potential environmental impact), in past years the DBFZ has also developed tools for devising medium- and longterm bioenergy scenarios as a means of strategy development (in the framework of the Milestones 2030 research project) and provides scientifi c support to strategic projects (mobility and motor fuel strategies).

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Daniela Thrän
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-435

Other science-based services

  • Market analyses and data provision
  • Technical, economic and ecological assessment
  • Concept and process development and optimisation
  • Scientific support to r&d projects
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • Technical-scientific services

Contact person:

Romann Glowacki
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-464