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Biochemical Conversion Department

The Biochemical Conversion Department researches the production of energy source materials from biomass using micro-organisms. Its focus is on technologies for biogas recovery and use. A wide range of challenges has to be overcome in order to attain technically optimized biochemical conversion, with technical, biological, chemical, logistical, legal, ecological and economic issues all equally involved. One of the key objectives of the research activities in this context is to improve the efficiency of the overall process whilst cutting costs. The department also researches topics arising from the need for increasing flexibility in the operation of biogas plants – in particular the new demands in terms of technology and process control. It also considers the effi cient use of material flows and closed nutrient circles, as well as supporting the demonstration of new and improved plants and components. All activities are undertaken against the background of detailed evaluation of the market and of the technical state of the art, assured by participation in various monitoring projects. As part of its intensive cooperation with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, it also provides answers to wide-ranging questions relating to the properties and population dynamics of the micro organisms involved.

The Biochemical Conversion Department is divided into five Working Groups: