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The final workshop of the ERA-NET project "MetHarmo - European harmonisation of methods to quantify methane emissions from biogas plants"

9:30 Morning coffee and registration

10:20 Introduction
10:30 The MetHarmo project – European harmonization of methods to quantify methane emissions from biogas plants (introduction)
Tina Clauß, DBFZ (DE)
10:50 Methane emissions from biogas plants (overview)
Torsten Reinelt, DBFZ (DE)
11:10 Methodologies overview for methane quantification:
- On-site measurement methods,
- Laser based remote sensing and inverse dispersion modelling,
- Tracer gas based remote sensing,
- LIDAR based measurements
Magnus Andreas Holmgren, RISE (SE), Marlies Hrad, BOKU (AT), Martin Piringer, ZAMG (AT), Charlotte Scheutz, DTU (DK), Fabrizio Innocenti, NPL (UK)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Direction of regulations from an EU perspective
European Commission GD ENV representative (TBC)
13:50 Existing national regulations and schemes on methane emissions
Manuel Maciejczyk, Fachverband Biogas (DE), Caroline Steinwig, Avfall Sverige (SE), Denmark (TBC)
14:40 Coffee break
15:00 Comparison of meteorological measurements and inverse dispersion modeling results
Martin Piringer, ZAMG (AT)
15:20 The results of the MetHarmo measurement campaigns and presentation of the harmonized guideline for measurement
Tina Clauß, DBFZ (DE)
15:50 The challenge of expanding biogas production and control of its methane emissions
European Biogas Association representative (TBC)
16:20 Concluding remarks