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Work group leader

Field of work

Thomas Zeng studied mechanical engineering at HS Merseburg and process engineering at TU Dresden. From 2005 to 2008 he was working at HS Energieanlagen GmbH, Freising/Germany as a project engineer dealing with the planning, construction and initial start-up of a 500kW allothermal steam gasifier with fluidized bed technology. Since 2008, he has been working as a researcher at the DBFZ in the field of characterization, production and optimization of solid biofuels to reduce ash related problems during combustion and gasification as well as ash valorization, e.g. for concrete or biogenic silica production. As team leader of the working group “Innovative Solid Biofuels” as well as member of the ISO/TC 238 “Solid Biofuels”, he published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles (e.g. in Fuel, Energy & Fuels, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering) and papers in conference proceedings such as EUBCE.

Curriculum vitae

Since 2018Team leader of the working group “Innovative Solid Biofuels” in the department Thermochemical Conversion at DBFZ
2017 - 2020Head of the accredited body D-PL-14603 at DBFZ
2016 - 2020University of Rostock/Germany, PhD, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Chair of Waste and Material Flow Management (Prof. Nelles)
2014Research stay at TU Delft/The Netherlands (6 months), Faculty of Applied Sciences, Chemical Engineering Department, Chair of Catalysis Engineering (Prof. Kapteijn, Prof. Gascon)
2008 - 2014Technical University of Dresden/Germany, Dipl.-Ing., Process Engineering
Since 2008Research associate in the department Thermochemical Conversion at DBFZ
2005 - 2008Project engineer at HS-Energieanlagen GmbH, Freising/Germany
2000 - 2005University of Applied Sciences Merseburg/Germany, Dipl.-Ing (FH), Mechanical Engineering

Committee work

Since 2018Standardization committee ISO/TC 238 “Solid Biofuels”, Task Leader ISO 17225-8 “Solid biofuels — Fuel specifications and classes — Part 8: Graded thermally treated and densified biomass fuels” as well as for ISO 16559 “Solid biofuels — Terminology, definitions and descriptions”