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Research focus of the Work Groups

Innovative solid biofuels
Contact persons:
Dr.-Ing. Volker Lenz (Deputy)
E-Mail: volker.lenz(at)dbfz(dot)de

  • Precondition (including torrefaction) and pelletisation of biomass together with process optimisation
  • Influencing fuel properties by conditioning
  • Investigations into interaction mechanisms between fuel properties and fine dust and emissions creation in combustion of biogenic solid fuels in furnaces of less than 1 MW thermal capacity
  • Research into and development of new alternative (combination) fuels from biomass
  • Creation of a fuels database including combustion-related properties

    Small-scale furnace systems
    Contact person:
    Dr. rer. nat. Ingo Hartmann
    E-Mail: ingo.hartmann(at)dbfz(dot)de

    • Optimisation and development of single-chamber furnaces
    • Development and optimisation of flexibly operable high-efficiency, zero-emission automatic biomass solid fuel incinerators in the 2 to 400 kW power range
    • Development and optimisation of catalytic emission reduction techniques
    • Development, optimisation and integration of combination dust separators
    • Development, optimisation and integration of thermo-chemical conversion components for small-scale furnaces

    Demand-based Combined Heat and Power
    Contact person:
    Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ortwein
    E-Mail: andreas.ortwein(at)dbfz(dot)de

    Integration concepts – control strategies

    • Development and optimisation of system controllers for biomass-based building combined heat and power systems for buildings, including storage and integration of other renewables
    • Development of controllers and control concepts for demand-oriented integration of biomass CHP plants into the grid system (including control energy)
    • Devising master concepts and drafting requirements specifications for single plants supplying demand-oriented energy

    Development of flexible (micro) CHP technologies

    • Development of micro CHP plants with 0.2 - 20 kWel capacity for biogenic solid fuels
    • Concept design and development of next-generation biomass combined heat and power plants (e.g. IGCC)

    Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) research group

    • Development and implementation of models for the thermo-chemical conversion of biogenic fuels in numerical flow simulation
    • Support to all development work by CFD simulations of the thermo-chemical and thermo-dynamic processes


    Dr. Fouzi Tabet (fouzi.tabet(at)dbfz(dot)de)

    Accredited test body D-PL-14603

    Dr. rer. nat. Justus von Sonntag (justus.von.Sonntag(at)dbfz(dot)de)

    • Test stand measurements and field measurements
    • Development of instrumentation and measurement techniques (also in particular for emissions measurement, including secondary aerosol effects and toxicity characterisation)
    • Testing of separators, including development of test methods
    • Contribution to the national and international standardisation of emission measurement methods
    • Specifying scientifically founded limit values and grant aid criteria
    • Participation in international round-robin tests