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Research focus of the Work Groups

Process simulation
Contact person:
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rönsch
E-Mail: stefan.roensch(at)dbfz(dot)de

  • Stationary process flow simulations for plant planning, life-cycle assessment and optimisation
  • Dynamic process flow simulations for deman-oriented plant control
  • Methodology and data to simulate biomass converters (e.g. kinetic measurements)

Biofuels and biorefinery technologies
Contact person:
Dipl.-Ing. Arne Gröngröft
E-Mail: arne.groengroeft(at)dbfz(dot)de

  • Analysis and optimisation of existing biofuel plants and system components
  • Upgrading of biofuel plants to biorefineries, for optimised conversion of biogenic raw materials into energy source materials and other products
  • Development of innovative concepts and technologies to utilise alternative raw material sources (e.g. lignocelluloses, residual products and algae)

Overall system assessment
Contact person:
Dr.-Ing. Michael Seiffert
E-Mail: michael.seiffert(at)dbfz(dot)de

  • Strategy development and policy advice; monitoring
  • Assessment of biofuel and biorefinery concepts based on (i) singular criteria (technological and economic aspects) and (ii) multi-criteria objectives
  • Feasibility studies
  • Initiating and supporting demonstration projects

Fuel characterisation / Engine test beds
Contact person:
Dr. rer. nat Sascha Förster
E-Mail: sascha.foerster(at)dbfz(dot)de

  • Development of methodology and routine analysis of the properties of biomass, substrates and biofuels, (by-) products and residues
  • Use of engine test stands to investigate the behaviour of liquid and gaseous fuels and resultant emissions

Synthesis gas production
Contact person:
Dr.-Ing. Marco Klemm
E-Mail: marco.klemm(at)dbfz(dot)de

  • Component development focused on thermo-chemical processes (e.g. gasification with gravimetric reaction retorts, catalytic processes with tubular reactor and plate reactor)
  • Analysis and experimental optimisation of biomass gasification (e.g. innovative biomass conditioning methods, multi-stage process control taking into account effects for gas conditioning and product synthesis)
  • Investigating processes and technologies for hydrothermal biomass conversion