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The Work Groups of the Biochemical Conversion Department

The scientists in this department, divided into various teams, deal with the research, development and counselling concerning energy generation from biomass on the basis of biochemical processes. This includes not only the biogas production and use but also the processes for providing bioethanol and other future liquid and gaseous fuels that can be catalyzed biologically from organic materials. The tasks and core assignments of the teams are outlined briefly in the following.

The team in biochemical conversion

Work Groups

Work group "Characterisation and design of anaerobic processes" 
The Characterisation and design of anaerobic processes work group focuses on the analysis and optimisation of the material flows relevant for biochemical conversion. This includes both substrates used in conversion plants and sub-flows produced as by-products from the conversion plants. For example, these are wastes or renewable raw materials for the plants and fermentation residues from biogas plants or distillery slops from alcohol fermentation, which can be used further, possibly following treatment. Read more

Work group "System optimisation"
Due to the ever higher efficiency and sustainability requirements set for technologies used in biochemical conversion, the "system optimisation” work group carries out research and development to improve the environmental effects. Read more

Work group "Process monitoring and simulation"
The clarification of biological process relationships continues to promise the tapping of substantial optimisation potential of the biochemical conversion processes. For this reason, the work group researches process biology in order to be able to more precisely describe the microbiology of the fermentation processes, in order to implement this knowledge in process models which can ultimately be used in control processes for plants in practice.
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Work group  "Biogas technology"
The biogas technologies applied are subject to strong development. Based on the knowledge of material flows and biological relationships, research work is carried out in the DBFZ to optimise technologies and components for the supply and use of biogas.
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Contact persons

Head of Department "Biochemical Conversion"
Dr.-Ing. Jan Liebetrau
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-716
E-Mail: jan.liebetrau(at)


Antje Krücken
Phone: +49 (0)341 2434-350
E-Mail: antje.kruecken(at)dbfz(dot)de