For the first time in September 2018, doctoral students presented and discussed current research work and results at the 1st Doctoral Colloquium organised by the DBFZ in Leipzig.

The 2nd German Doctoral Colloquium on September 30 & October 1 is organized and supervised by the Chair of Energy Process Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg in cooperation with the BayWISS Verbundkolleg Energie.

In the coming decades, climate protection and energy system transformation will continue to influence the discourse of society as a whole in Germany. Bioenergy is the only renewable energy that can make a significant contribution to replacing coal and nuclear energy at any time, even in terms of base load. It thus makes a decisive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and can make a substantial contribution to the necessary social change with sustainable, efficient and innovative solutions. Many innovative storage technologies such as power-to-gas and synthetic fuels cannot be realized sustainably without CO2-neutral carbon - and thus without biomass.
Research in this area is already outstanding and diverse. The idea of establishing a Germany-wide doctoral colloquium on "Bioenergy" was born out of the desire to bring together the knowledge and decision-makers of tomorrow at an early stage and at the same time to achieve better networking between those scientific institutions that are already very intensively involved in the field of bioener...