Time schedule


The tasks can be assigned as follows:

Task 1: Educt Analysis

Analysis of the potential of suitable biogenic waste and residual materials as well as evaluation of the temporal development of the raw material availability

  • differentiation between an urban (raw materials: biowaste, sewage sludge, green waste) and a rural plant concept (raw materials: straw, cattle manure, solid cattle dung)
  • investigations on hydrothermal digestion of lignocellulose-containing raw materials and its influence on biogas production in batch tests and in continuously operated laboratory reactors

Task 2: Technology development I Pilot plant

  • conceptual design and engineering of the process chain and its individual components
  • tender for the planning and delivery of the pilot plant
  • implementation of the individual components and pilot operation to optimize all process stages and parameters
  • technical, economic and ecological evaluation

Task 3: Feasibility analysis of a demonstration plant for bio-waste LNG

  • conclusions on potential production quantities of organic LNG in the Leipzig region on the basis of the data determined in Task 1 and identification of key players
  • player mapping as a basis for a virtual educt collection in the later period of the project
  • transfer of technological knowledge from the pilot plant scale to the demonstration scale, preparation of a draft concept for Phase 2

Task 4: Project coordination and external presentation

  •  project coordination, external presentation, workshops