Call for Abstracts

Interested participants are invited to contribute to the colloquium by oral or poster presentations. Please, submit your abstracts in order to join the 4th Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY.

Target Group

Doctoral students from research groups doing research in natural, engineer, economic or social sciences on Bioenergy or Bioeconomy

Themes and topics include, but are not limited to:

Sustainable resource base

  • Which feedstocks can be utilized for energy production?
  • What kind of pre-treatment is required?
  • What is the potential of bioenergy?

Bioenergy system analysis

  • How can bioenergy be integrated into the overall energy system?
  • What are suitable integration parameters?
  • How can the material and energy provision from biomass be optimised?
  • What is an adequate allocation between material and energy use?
  • How can the economic, environmental and social performance of bioenergy systems be optimized.
  • How can biomass use contribute to achieve overall sustainability aims like net zero energy systems, carbon neutrality or SDG?

Thermochemical conversion

  • How to improve efficiency in thermochemical processes? 
  • In which way feedstock composition affects process operation and product properties
  • What upgrading steps are required to convert intermediates from thermochemical conversions into products

Biochemical conversion

  • What are new process routes and products?
  • Which processes for downstream processing are efficient?
  • How can microbial processes be improved?


  • What are promising full value chains in bioeconomy?
  • In which way can bioenergy be implemented into biorefineries?
  • How can we supply biorefineries with renewable energy?

Abstract submission

We look forward to receiving your abstract (max 3,000 characters) by June18th, 2021. Please use our form for your application. 

Please follow the outline of the template carefully. The abstract will be compiled in a book of abstracts available to all participants.

The abstracts submitted will be reviewed by the program committee members. The program committee may approve a submission for poster or oral presentation.


Conference language is English.

The lectures and posters should be written in English. Lectures are scheduled for 20 minutes each.  Posters will be presented by speed presentation at the beginning of the poster sessions. The best poster will be awarded during the closing session of the colloquium.



Please fill in the following form to submit your presentation:

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Content and structure

1. Introduction (Please explain the context and scientific relevance addressing gaps in knowledge, respectively why are you researching that topic?)
2. Approach and methods (What is your research question and which research strategy & approach have you selected to answer this question?
3. Results, respectively interim results (e.g. How can intermediates, e.g. methane or ethanol, be further used?)
4. Conclusion / Outlook
5. References (e.g. list of your publications or articles to be submitted)


I agree that my data entered in the contact form may be stored electronically and processed and used within the framework of the event series. This also implies the disclosure to KIT as the organising organisation in 2021 and to other members of the programme committee for the organisation of future events of this series. Furthermore, I agree that my submitted documents may be passed on to the members of the scientific advisory board for the purpose of selection. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time by sending an e-mail to
Should my submission be selected by the conference advisory board, I hereby agree that results and contents of my poster and/or presentation can be published by Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH, unless I object in writing in advance.