The program for this year's PhD Colloquium Bioenergy was compiled and published on our website. Registrations are possible until September 16th


For the first time, in September 2018, doctoral students presented and discussed current research work and results at the 1st Doctoral Colloquium organised by the DBFZ in Leipzig. The 2nd German Doctoral Colloquium, on September 30th & October 1st, is organized and supervised by the Chair of Energy Process Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg in cooperation with the BayWISS Verbundkolleg Energie.

Climate protection and energy transition will still dominate public discussions in Germany in upcoming decades. Bioenergy is the only renewable energy that provides reasonable potentials for the substitution of coal and nuclear energy, even during base load. Biomass thereby makes a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and drives substantially the transition towards more sustainable, efficient and innovative energy solutions.

A really sustainable application of innovative storage technologies, such as power-to-gas and synthetic fuels, depends not only on renewabale hydrogen but also on climate neutral carbon. Biomass is the only sustainable carbon source for these technolgies.

German bioenergy research is already highly diverse and excellent. It just needs opportunities to bring tomorrow‘s scientists and decision-makers together. In order to improve the networking of established institutions, we launched the German-wide annual series "German Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy“ for the first time in September 2018. Participants from all over Germany presented and discussed current research and scientific results at the first event organized by DBFZ in Leipzig. The Chair of Energy Process Engineering of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg in cooperation with the BayWISS Energy Graduate School will organize the next event of this series in Nuremberg.

We are really pleased to offer young scientists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a forum for scientific discussion in one of the most significant research areas for Germany‘s and Europe‘s energy transition.


The focus of this colloquium is on the entire bioenergy conversion chain - starting with biomass as a raw material, through the various conversion paths and processes, including their technological implementation, to the resulting products and services as well as the system analyses and measures required for system integration.


  • Thermochemical Conversion
  • Biochemical Conversion
  • Biorefineries / Biofuels
  • Energy crop production and -utilization
  • System analysis bioenergy

Language of the event

The event language is German and English. A translation is not provided.