Guided Tours

Get to know the DBFZ even better and take part in our guided tours as part of the HTP Expert Forum!

The focus of these guided tours is, of course, on hydrothermal processes and DBFZ‘s research on biomass pre-treatment and conversion under high pressure (up to 200 bar) and high temperature (up to 350 °C). On display will be, among other things, a scaling cascade of batch reactors from laboratory to small-scale, as well as multistage and continuous experimental plants and a reaction calorimeter with completely new possibilities.

As research on hydrothermal processes at DBFZ is closely interwoven with work on thermochemical gasification, experimental set-ups for gasification and synthesis will also be part of the tours. Among other things, fixed-bed and entrained-flow gasifiers as well as various synthesis reactors will be on display.

The tours will take place on Tuesday 27 September 2022, starting at 9:30 a.m.