7th HTP Expert Forum "Hydrothermal Processes"

Call for Abstracts & Posters for the 7th HTP Expert Forum "Hydrothermal Processes"

It's that time again! After a one-year break, the DBFZ Deutsche Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH is organising the 7th HTP Expert Forum "Hydrothermal Processes for Material and Energy Value Creation" on 27/28 September 2022.

We, hereby, cordially invite interested parties from science and industry to participate in the Call for Abstracts & Posters!

The forum will focus on the entire value chain of hydrothermal conversion, starting with the feedstock, the processes, and their technological implementation, up to the products and the associated general conditions and its legal framework. In addition to science and administration, we would particularly like to encourage representatives of industry to present their results and experiences with hydrothermal processes.


The event will address the following topics:

  • Hydrothermal processes for the production of solid, liquid, and gaseous energy and carbon carriers
  • Tailor-made solid fuels from hydrothermal carbonization and their application
  • Hydrothermal liquefaction and hydrothermal production of bulk and fine chemicals
  • Hydrothermal processes for the preparation and modification of functional materials
  • Hydrothermal processing of sewage sludge and nutrient recycling
  • Hydrothermal gasification
  • Hydrothermal processes within the field of recycling
  • Importance of hydrothermal processes for the energy transition and as a component of modern biorefinery concepts
  • Optimization and further development of hydrothermal processes and plants
  • Process water treatment and wastewater purification for hydrothermal processes
  • Economic and legal framework
  • Assessment of hydrothermal processes

Event language

The event will be held bilingually in German and English with simultaneous translation. Presentations and posters are possible in both languages.


As far as the pandemic situation allows, the 7th HTP Expert Forum will take place at DBFZ in Leipzig, taking into account the hygiene protection measures then in force. It will further be broadcasted via stream.

Submission deadline and form

If you want to participate in the event with a presentation, a talk, or a poster, we would be pleased to receive your abstract via our submission form until 17 May 2022.


Accepted abstracts will appear in the conference proceedings. A conference reader (with ISSN number) will be created afterwards with the approved presentations. In addition to the poster exhibition, accepted posters will be given a short slot for a presentation (maximum three minutes) as part of the lecture program.

Target group

  • Institutions and decision-makers from science and research as well as stakeholders from agricultural, energy and environmental policies
  • Experts from regional, national, and international companies, associations, and societies
  • Representatives from industry and business, municipal and state institutions, as well as Scientists from university and non-university institutions

The call for abstracts & posters in one place

Call for Abstracts & Posters

An event lives from its topics and contents, as well as from the people who shape it. For the design of the program we hereby call for Abstracts & Posters and invite interested parties from science and industry to participate!

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