19 September 2023


Participants’ speech


Statements by the Programme Comittee members


Session Sustainable resource base
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion

Session Biorefineries
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion)



Dr. Omar Hijazi
PD Dr. Kurt Möller
Prof. Andrea Parenti

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kruse
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nicolaus Dahmen
Dr. rer. nat. Markus Wolperdinger


The potential of urban autumn tree leaves for energy generation and carbon saving at scenarios level - a case study from the city of Berlin
Andres Vargas (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, Germany)

Demand Side Management Implementation - A Decision Support Tool Demonstration on Biorefineries
Lilli Röder (DBFZ, Germany)


Straw supply costs over time: A German supply cost model for straw supply cost from 2010-2020
Tom Karras (DBFZ / University of Leipzig, Germany)

Investigation of materials for an integrated methanation process in a biorefinery
Selina Nieß (DBFZ / TU Berlin, Germany)

A three-level study to evaluate the use of biological inputs to improve biomass production and phytoremediation capacities in Miscanthus x giganteus
Pietro Peroni (University of Bologna, Itali)

On-line gradient monitoring for the flexibilization of anaerobic hydrolysis in plug-flow reactors
Theresa Menzel (TU Berlin, Germany)


Decision-Making Tool for the Assessment of Trade-offs in Low iLUC Risk Certification
Beike Sumfleth (DBFZ / Leipzig University, Germany)

Converting Extensive Grassland Biomass into High Quality Solid Fuel and Biogas using an Advanced Hydrothermal Process
Hafi Ali Raza (University of Kassel, Germany)


Lunch break


Session Biochemical conversion
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion)

ChairProf. Dr. mont. Michael Nelles
Dr. sc. agr. Hans Oechsner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Loewen

AI upscaling: Modeling a full-scale biogas reactor using lab-scale data with machine learning algorithms
Alberto Meola (DBFZ / Leipzig University, Germany)


Development of a universal model of digestate recirculation towards high biogas production and efficient digestate treatment
Bomin Yuan (DBFZ, Germany)


Biochar-based cathode catalysing H2 evolution in methane-producing bioelectrochemical systems (CH4-BES)
Shabnam Pouresmaeil (DBFZ, University Leipzig, Germany)


Comparative analysis of biological methanation utilizing mixed and pure cultures in a lab-scale trickle-bed reactor
Lucas Schindhelm (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)


Coffee break



  • Within the framework of this format, participants will have the opportunity to network along key topics and put their questions to the professors attending the event.
  • The topics will be collected with the online registration for the event. The four most frequently mentioned topics will be discussed during this session.


Award best poster & Farewell   


End of the event